Contributor’s Notes (Volume V, Issue 2)

Michael Alexander teaches high school English in Newcastle, Wyoming. He is a lifelong fan of all things spooky–a passion his very sweet wife tolerates and his equally sweet daughters encourage. His work can be found in SERIAL Magazine, Flash Fiction MagazineDark Fire Fiction, and Jitter Press, among others. Additional publication information may be found at his author page:

A good day for Marie Anderson begins with a few cups of good coffee. It includes time with her family (one retired husband and three millennial children), as well as playing Scrabble on-line (excellently), playing piano (poorly), and knitting (adequately.) It ends with good TV or a good book. Her work has appeared in almost 50 publications, including LampLight, Gathering Storm, Woman’s World, Downstate Story, Who Knocks?, and The Raven Review. One of her joys is interacting with the writers she has met in her two writing groups.

Tom Chmura spent two years in the Navy in destroyer service. He was stationed in San Diego along with deployments to Viet Nam. After his military service, he worked construction as a pipe fitter. Although he began writing at an early age, he never took it seriously enough until retirement. He is married and has three daughters and five granddaughters. With time now available since retiring, he has stepped up his writing. He also builds large scale live steam locomotives from scratch, and enjoys cooking and classical music.

Steve DuBois is a high school teacher from Kansas City and the author of over two dozen published works of fiction and drama.  Visit him on the web

Before the coronavirus, Stephen Feldman was driving to Laramie twice a week to teach at the University of Wyoming College of Law; now he teaches online. Before the coronavirus, he and his wife loved walking to theater, Denver Nuggets basketball, comedy clubs, and Colorado Rockies baseball. He’s published six nonfiction books with university/academic presses. RED, WHITE, AND BLUE is his first fiction publication. He’s currently working on a novel, THE FAMILY LAW, and a nonfiction book on court-packing.

Daniel Galef has previously published some short fiction in Kugelmass, Big Pulp, and Sein und Werden, although he has in the past more heavily focused on poetry and plays, including ‘The Original,’ a musical play that was produced this past spring at the Montreal Players’ Theatre.

Kevin Kekic resides in Brook Park, Ohio with his wonderful family. When he isn’t mastering the art of social distancing, he can be found at home, patiently waiting for the world to reopen.

Prior to this printing, Anthony Manganaro had two stories accepted for publication just before both presses mysteriously vanished from the internet. Hence, he didn’t really exist until now (thank you, J.J. Outre). Anthony is a writer and teacher who currently lives in Gainesville, FL. He doesn’t write much, but when he does, he makes sure it’s not normal.

Prior to this printing, Gabriel Tuggle is a twenty-one year old college student from Kentucky. He spends everyday at a typewriter, telling stories of science fiction, horror, fantasy, and everything in between. He’s currently at work on a novel inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ivan Wolfgang Yuri is a part-time writer from Northern Ireland whose work ranges from fantasy to science-fiction, from slice-of-life to grand schemes. He had an interest in pursuing a career in psychology but after finishing his university degree decided to pursue a career in writing instead. For the past few years, he has worked at a local charity for people with learning disabilities, writing in his off-time.

Elizabeth Zelvin is the author of the Mendoza Family Saga, which includes the current story, previously published stories, more slated to appear in Jewish Noir 2 and Black Cat Mystery Magazine, and two novels. She also writes the Bruce Kohler Mysteries and has edited two anthologies, Me Too Short Stories and Where Crime Never Sleeps. Liz’s short stories have been nominated three times each for the Derringer and Agatha awards and have appeared in Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine and Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine. Liz is a New Yorker, a psychotherapist, a singer-songwriter, and a poet.