Contributor’s Notes (Volume V, Issue 4)

Christopher Cook writes fiction to make the reader rethink poking their foot out from underneath the covers. His work can be found in Critical Blast Publishing’s anthology, The Devil You Know, and issue 23 of Mythaxis Magazine. He lives in South Carolina with his wife and daughter.

Chance Durant has a healthy obsession with improbable worlds. He writes primarily fantasy and science fiction with his debut Sci-Fi novel “Construct” arriving in 2021. Born and raised in Central California, he spends much of his time as an educator, teaching teenagers to make websites, build robots, and how to swordfight, pandemics permitting. When not writing, he splits his time between teaching, working on game design with Nor Cal Mythos Entertainment, and crossing lightsabers with his son and daughter.

Scott Mitchel May is a writer living in Vermont with his wife and son. You can follow Scott on Twitter @smitchelmay

Nicole Overy likes to think that, one day, she’ll walk between two lampposts and disappear into another world. Until then, she’ll write stories. She currently lives in Medford, Massachusetts, with her boyfriend and a tiny creature masquerading as a dog.

A.A.Ron has always been in love with the writing craft. Ever since he was young, he’s enjoyed the process of creating fiction. Currently, A.A.Ron spends his days chipping away at his endless writing projects.

Nicholas Stillman writes science fiction with medical themes. His work has appeared in The Colored Lens, Bards and Sages Quarterly, The Martian Wave, Polar Borealis, and Helios Quarterly Magazine.

Error Writes is a fiction writer from Sweden. When he’s not writing, he drowns himself in the martial art Wing Chun, dancing Lindy hop, or gaming with friends (it’s turning into an addiction, send help). He likes to watch movies that makes him cry for some reason. Fantasy and Contemporary are his go-to when writing. He loves to explore the bonds between people and wrap them up in supernatural elements. You can read more of his works on his subreddit which he updates spontaneously. Feel free to send him a message!