Contributor’s Notes (Volume VI, Issue 1)

Randall G. Arnold is a Texas-based speculative fiction writer who enjoys mangling genres and twisting tropes. Originally from California, he’s happiest at any beach, slacking around the DFW area, or chilling in Helsinki. Awards include honorable mention in the Texas Observer fiction contest for 2015 and 2016, 1st runner up in the same contest for “Thunder Note in an Angry Sky” in 2017, and runner-up in the 2017 Ouen Press “Taste” competition. Randall too-frequently tweets as @texrat, and has an Amazon author page at

Jacob Austin moves boxes in a supermarket distribution center. His writing has appeared in Every Day Fiction, elsewhere, and Flora Fiction

Sometimes Seeka Enduros is a husk for all the words he can’t release. That’s probably why he writes. Probably. Previously published in Scarlet Leaf Review, he hopes to release his anthology, re;BiRTH, and first novel, Last Boys, this year. When not writing, he can be found gushing over videogames you’ve never heard about, worshipping Yoko Taro, and trying to learn how to write better but often procrastinating. Is currently in a torrid love triangle with Cthulhu and Mothman and doesn’t really care about the war that is breaking out between the Old Ones and the monsters indigenous to the world.

Soren James is a writer and visual artist living in London. He has been widely published as artist, writer and poet in: Strange Horizons, Grievous Angel, Cafe Irreal, and many others. More of his work can be seen here:

Kieran Judge is a writer of both fiction and non-fiction from Wales. His fiction publications include stories in Lovecraftiana, Whetstone: The Amateur Magazine of Sword and Sorcery, Beyond the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Thuggish Itch, and others. He writes articles and reviews for,, and He also plays chess on an amateur level, losing far more often than he would like.

Adam Meyer

C.J. Palmarozzi loves immersing himself in new experiences. When at home in Texas, it’s reading and playing games. Outside, it’s traveling, hiking, and golfing. These new experiences shape his writing, always in pursuit of a unique tale that has yet to be told.

Margo Rife is drawn to small word count. Condensed and distilled writing attracts her. Margo’s 50 Word story was part of the Covid Chronicles. Her Unholy Trinity Drabbles have been published in Trembling with Fear. Her poem Notice Me was part of a ghost anthology. The Daily Drunk Mag recently published her poem Death of a Dive Bar. (I think they liked that distilled part), Idle Ink published Memoir of a Lazy Eye, and The J.J. Outre Review is publishing her short story Down a Rabbit Hole Darkly. Margo is also a playwright whose monologues and short plays have been staged at Burning Coal Theatre in NC and The Playground Experiment Faces of America Festival in NYC. Plays can be found at Margo is an editor for the podcast Basement Stories produced in the basement studio of her very own local public library. Find the podcast at

Rickey Rivers Jr was born and raised in Alabama. He is a writer and cancer survivor. His work has appeared in The Gray Sisters, Back Patio Press, Hybrid Fiction (among other publications).

Gil A. Waters is no one in particular; just a generic middle-class white boy, born in the bowels of the Midwest and raised in a bland East Coast suburb. He is a misanthrope who hungers for human connections. Even though he doesn’t like people all that much, he desperately needs their validation. He finds the world to be a largely uninhabitable place yet is forced by an accident of birth to live in it. Read him at

Elizabeth Zelvin is the author of the Bruce Kohler Mysteries and the Mendoza Family Saga and editor of the anthologies Me Too Short Stories and Where Crime Never Sleeps. Her short stories have appeared in Ellery Queen, Alfred Hitchcock, and Black Cat and have been nominated three times each for the Derringer and Agatha awards. One of her stories will appear in Jewish Noir 2, due out later this year. This is her second story for The J.J. Outré Review. Liz is a New Yorker, a psychotherapist, a singer-songwriter, and a poet.