Contributor’s Notes (Volume I, Issue 1)

Maggie Bàra has been previously published in Quaint, has work forthcoming in Spark, and is the author of a collection of short stories.

Tantra Bensko teaches fiction writing through UCLA X Writing Program, Writers College, and her academy online. She has books out, and 200 flashes, short stories, novelettes and a novella in journals and in anthologies.

Paul Edward Costa has previously published poetry, fiction and non-fiction in Timber Journal, Yesteryear Fiction, Entropy, Thrice Fiction, and Diaspora Dialogues’ webzine Shorthand. He currently teaches high school in Ontario, Canada.

Karen Herkes has been creating imaginary worlds since childhood, but she has only recently set off on the adventure of seeking an audience for her fiction. Her experience is thus limited by her inexperience. So to speak. She has e-published two novels and three short works through Kindle Direct, with additional distribution through the premium catalog. The novels are also available in paperback from major distributors, and they are also being carried in two library catalogs. She reviews books and writes about life, the universe and everything on her blog, “Life Is A Story.”

James Pepe teaches writing in Portland, Oregon. His surreal fiction has appeared in Sybil’s Garage and Pseudopod.

Michael B. Tager‘s work has appeared in the Theaker’s Quarterly, the Atticus Review, Typehouse Literary Magazine, The Light Ekphrastic and more. He is the Managing Editor of Writers and Words and likes Buffy, the Orioles and theater.

Clay Waters has had short stories published in The Santa Barbara Review, Liquid Ohio, Three-Lobed Burning Eye, Abyss & Apex, Big Pulp, and Morpheus Tales.