Missing Persons File 6899 Documents

by Tantra Bensko

Report filed June 9. First, we must look very closely at the evidence. During our investigation of Mr. Noteworthy’s room, the subject’s housemate, we found several pornographic magazines. His bedroom door had a padlock on it, which is not the case for any of the other housemates in this forested rural area, though few of the homes are shared other than by families, so the statistics are not highly significant without a wider study outside our district. We happened to notice a photo of the missing person in question in one of them, a magazine called Skin. Most likely, this occurred because it was a hot day and we turned on the fan, which riffled the pages. We felt it our duty to peruse the other magazines. The missing Elenore Underberg, AKA “Ms. Anteat,” AKA “Ms. AunTeat,” is featured it turns out, in every one of them, all under different names, with completely different “facts” in her — biographical statements, as it were.

We analyzed them for any clues, each of us taking some of them home for three days and then trading. She always has her trademark black bowl-cut hairdo, exaggerated mole on her left cheek, high, perky small breasts, very petite height, and the tattoo quoted from the poet, Mortimer across her upper back: “Whoever dost see me as a body, see-eth nothing. I am thy light as art thou.” We did not enjoy this task, but we’re glad we did it, as we believe this is the most important part of our search for who Elenore Underberg is, why she disappeared, and where we might find her.

We believe she was giving clues through her biographical bits in the magazines. We have checked with major pornographic publishers and found out that very little ever printed about the ladies is correct. The ladies are asked to answer questions and tell about their lives. The ladies who are using pseudonyms and trying to hide their identity answer incorrectly about location, etc., though they do generally answer in a sexy way, so at least it’s often their words that make it through the censor.

However, some of the inexperienced, naive, or resistant ladies answer sincerely in their own voices. The publications change any answers required to remove anything beautiful, or profound. What is left is crass, all of it written to the lowest common denominator so they can sell the highest number of copies and avoid thought getting in the way of pure pleasure. However, the revisions are sloppy and inconsistent, so some of the original answers are left in, no doubt to save writing time. The magazines don’t care for bios that go below the surface of the personality. The magazines are about the shock of skin, after all.

We asked the publishers for her original answers to their questions and biographical tidbits, but none of them have kept the texts on hand. So, we scoured the statements in the magazines, which were attributed to her, searching for any sentences that might have made it past the censorship and revision. We looked for anything with her characteristic rhythms, metaphors, use of the phrase “make love,” references to nature, and indications of respect or meta-physical tendencies. Such sentences stand out strongly from the rest of the text in tone and execution, and some were possibly left in by mistake out of haste. Some of such statements point out her extreme popularity, which can only be a selling point.

However, oddly, there are no reviews about the issues she’s in as there are about all the others. I’m sure she was glad about this, until she began to wonder what was behind it. We hope this continues even if she is found and this information comes to light.

We believe she may have been trying to give us many more clues than were allowed through to the public. We believe the censors filtered them out to make the biographies generic and crass. But here you can see how different her own comments are than their context. We’re confident about our culling from pages of text such as below:

An example: “Sally Froth is a nursing assistant who has to clean up men who can’t control themselves. She likes to rub her patients’ cum on her face. She’s a heaving spunk enthusiastic.

She fucks only men who are half her age. And why not? Her husband didn’t ram her more than once a month. What a jerkwad. We hope he reads Life in the Bush and sees what he’s been missing. We hope he explodes into fireworks from being turned on and envious. We hope he dies. When we asked her, she said she felt exactly the same way. She’s obviously one of us.

  1. Where’s the best place you’ve fucked?
  2. In the neighbor’s bushes.
  3. What do you think about when you get slammed?
  4. I close my eyes and feel my partner as made out of lines of light alive and glowing with the joy of being part of the unified soul of the natural world. I run my hands along his spine, to remind him to connect his genital urges and his love and his mind.
  5. Where do you like to go on a first date?
  6. Down.”

As you can see, the second question in this list is highly unlikely to be written by the magazine. We find it more compelling, if impossible to understand. The first one, we don’t know. We’ve speculated on that at length, but because of the name of the publication, we feel it is not a clue, but their addition. However, we do consider the second one to have her style.

Some seem to be hers because they arise from genuine confusion over a situation. Her unaffected candor is another of her trademarks, as she humbly tries to answer the questions she is asked, rather than turn on readers. She seems to have no interest in doing that in her text, so we wonder about the subtext. If we put together all her sentences in the order as they came out in the magazines, we find a partial Treasure Map of clues, but with obvious holes because of the revised answers. We believe that she eventually realized these almost complete revisions would occur to her text and she began to include recursive fractal answers within some of her paragraphs, so if one came through could give enough of an indication of what she’s trying to get across.

The text below is a composite of all of what we believe to be genuinely her own fragments, sentences and paragraphs from the answers in all the issues in her housemate’s room, in order:

“I close my eyes and feel my partner as made out of lines of light, alive and glowing with the joy of being part of the unified soul of the natural world. I run my hands along his spine. He is a magnetic being. The top of his head is the positive pole, and the soles of his feet are the negative. Tiger. Opening out like a flower, becoming a trumpet of scent to the bees. A giant moth. Well, we’re just friends, and I never thought about anything like that. But I suppose it could be hard, yes. He seems to wait until I turn out my lights. Isn’t it kind of amazing that the issues I’m in hit the stands and are gone immediately? Sometimes I picture them being all stacked up in someone’s storage shed. Or, I guess it would have to be a warehouse, considering how many stores there are around the country. It almost seems like some person has a fixation. That makes me wonder if anyone else is reading these magazines. Either that, or I’m wildly popular. I guess I’ll go with that {she said with a smile, as she popped open her top, that could have made me spurt right then and there if I hadn’t already.}To be touched is like being lit on fire. Do you want to light me? The garden, the fountain, the bird’s nest. Rain lit from behind by the sun; that’s my God. Whoever is my fan, thank you for your interest. Feel free to tell me who you are. When I make love, I assume he cares about who I am and my past and why I do things. Are you saying that’s a wrong assumption? The bird songs are too important: I never listen to any music at all. That would interfere with their singing. If anyone needs to find me, look for me outside. I live in the country, and would never want to live anywhere else. It’s glorious. Every plant and rock {like every bush and hard-on, you know.}”

We aren’t sure about the Tiger. That could be revisionist. The parenthetical descriptions the complete the sentences of course are not hers. We wonder if she was writing to us in the event of her disappearance or death. It’s also possible she was writing to her stalker, or that she wasn’t writing to anyone but someone thought she was writing to him. That could have then turned him into her stalker. We can understand that. She is a fascinating young lady. We have discussed that we want her to touch our spines. We think the most likely is that she was writing to her stalker, who is an arsonist, but if she was writing to us, she would have to put any information into clues only we would figure out and not her stalker, who perhaps is the only one to read any of these magazines. For example, where would she hide if she felt she was in danger? We believe if she is still alive, she might be hiding in nature, somewhere near her house.

She does not use a cell phone. She has reported they cause her headaches. She does not have friends or family near by. She has never been married or had children. She no longer has her school bus driving job due to stopping driving at the time of her disappearance.

We recommend checking out to see if she has a wealthy stalker who can buy up every issue with her in it, perhaps an older male relative who wants to protect her reputation, or a suitor who wants all of her attention to himself, or an ex who would be embarrassed by the revelation. No one living in her vicinity would be able to afford it. There are no used issues in the marketplace, no mentions in the forums of any of the issues she’s in. The rest of the issues all generate discussions of what we consider to be invasive, rude behavior among readers ruining the lives of the models by announcing who they really are instead of letting them anonymously do what they have to do to get by. If models are using an alias, very likely they had to pose under duress and hope to put it behind them. We’re sorry we have to out this woman, and we wouldn’t bring it up to the public if we didn’t think her occasional forays into adult entertainment were related to her reason for going missing.

Some signs suggest she was out of money, with a poor diet and ability to groom herself at the times she succumbed to the photo-shoots. It looks as if she was exposed to the elements. In some shoots, she is peeling from sunburn. In another, her skin has a bluish tint and her boots are scuffed with the heels coming off. We believe she had no interest in posing except for immediate survival sake, which might have clouded her judgment. We bid we continue looking for her.

  1. For those who have not been fully following the case: she does not work in the medical field as stated in the false biography. She has driven the school bus over the past ten years. Summers leaves her without steady income. — Officers Ray Moody. Jr. and Rick Terrance, District 4

Addendum June 10. I disagree with Officer Terrance about some of the phrasing and have narrowed the passage down to what I feel is almost guaranteed to be her true answers. I feel this has a better composition if she means it to be read as part of a clue-text worthy of her strangely non-literary yet spiritually authoritative voice. “I close my eyes and feel my partner as made out of lines of light, alive and glowing with the joy of being part of the unified soul of the natural world. I run my hands along his spine. He is a magnetic being. The top of his head is the positive pole, and the soles of his feet are the negative. Tiger. Opening out like a flower, becoming a trumpet of scent to the bees. A giant moth. To be touched is like being lit on fire. The garden, the fountain, the birds nest. Rain lit from behind by the sun. The bird songs are too important. If anyone needs to find me, look for me outside. Every plant and rock.” — Ray Moody, Jr.

Addendum June 12. It has come to my attention that Officer Moody has turned this investigation into a New Age bad poetry event. I have no interest in such things one way or another, so I have an unbiased opinion. We both agree the piece, whether it’s constructed with sections missing or not, is not well-written for many reasons. However, he has over-ridden his disgust for the style to take an unhealthy interest in the “poem” labeled “Skin.” So, to counter his attachment, I’d like to focus on what he left out: this is the important part of the investigation. The directions about finding her in nature and calling out a man as a dangerous stalker are more relevant to this case. Please discard his “poem” and keep an eye on his overblown emotional involvement. — Rick Terrance.

Evidence before the court, July 10. Apparently, unless the perpetrator is within this department, (an on our salary, he couldn’t afford to buy all the issues of the magazine she appears in) a hacker must have recovered the “poem” as compiled by Officer Moody. He (or she) has submitted it for publication in Rainwood Journal, where it was accepted and published. The bio says she is a Hungarian beekeeper, but this is not true. This should escalate the search. Obviously the perp is paying attention to our investigation and has access to our records. — Rick Terrance.

Review of the “poem” July 15, Nonetheworse Magazine. “This kind of poorly conceived spiritual sensual fantasy gives mystical poetry a bad name. “Opening out like a flower, becoming a trumpet of scent to the bees” shows more imagination than the rest of it at least. However, Arnett Jazley should never write fiction. Why this academic magazine would accept such poetry is beyond me, but it’s not the worst in it. For that, we only have to look at Jason Farnsworth’s short story, ‘Either I Go or You Stay.’ Perhaps he was chosen because he attained his degree from Arizona.” — Ebenezer Smith

Laboratory summary, Jack Rabbit Labs, July 16. James Noteworthy’s room shows shoe prints upon dusting, which are filled with residue of ashes. — Anne Sylvester, Tech.

Analysis of laboratory summary, July 17. James Noteworthy’s job does not require burning paper. He does not have a fireplace or show evidence of having vast amounts of sensitive financial materials in need of either burning or shredding, or of being the kind of OCD personality that would do that. I suspect he is the arsonist referred to in her clues. Has he acquired and burned the magazines across the country? Is he hiding his wealth in order to live in this humble situation as her housemate, next to her on a daily basis, without being a suspect as her stalker? Why does he burn some portion of the magazines rather than leave that to the people he has hired around the country to make them unavailable to the public?

What is his intention toward her? Possibly he thinks he loves her? Or is he trying to destroy her means of meager survival in some passive aggressive twist. We suspect this began with having her under surveillance on a Federal level for some reason? Could he be stealing Black Budget funds to pay for the magazine? Can looking at these nude photographs lead a normal man to madness, obsession, and the desire to keep her innocent by destroying the evidence for the world to judge her mistakes and the mundane revisionist portrayal of her personality to the pornography customers? That short black hair, so elegant. That tiny nose, and pointed chin. She is that beautiful. — Moody.

Excerpt of Review of Nonetheworse Magazine July 27. This University Journal takes risks by including openly pantheist work, such as by Arnett Jazley, in this age in which Literary Fiction avoids rattling their primarily atheistic readership. While science can never prove the evidence suggesting an after-life exists, it has also has never proven that it does. Only what has clear proof of existing makes sense to pay attention to seriously, yet the tradition of mystical poetry continues to dribble out a few ill-advised efforts, though never reaching the heights achieved during a more innocent age in which magical thinking was considered an mentally solid option. — Sue Becket, PhD.

Excerpt from “Narrative Leaps in Mystical Poetry: An Interview with Jane Faulker,” August 2, in Saturn’s Rings Journal. This recently published piece by Arnett Jazley, epitomizes the respect for the white space in between sentences in which the beingness or is it nothingness lives beyond any label, beyond any linear progression, as if each tiger and moth that ever existed still exists in a kind of morphogenetic field. I am not suggesting these creatures, or any of our beloved ancestors, are still aware after death. But they still exist as much as they ever did if we simply change our perspective on time. Non-sequiturs allow us to let go of being tied to ordinary time. — Timothy Bernaise

MP Found, Report August 5. Believing her words to be a call for help, we searched the wild areas near the home she and James Noteworthy lived in. He has moved out. The house remains empty. The grass has grown tall and the flowers at the tops of the weeds are colorful for probably the first time since the house was built. We found Elenore Underberg living in a very large hollow Oak tree on the edge of 20 acre property which had been gutted by lightening. She said, “I was afraid to tell the police about my stalker because I came to suspect he worked on the force. I never went into his room, because I respected his privacy. But James dropped a badge one time and grabbed it and hurried out. One time I walked by a super expensive restaurant and I saw through the window that he was eating there. Things were adding up. But I didn’t want to confront him about it, whether it ended up being him or not. One day, I was sure it was him, and the moment I decided that, he was coming toward my room, and I ran out my back door into the woods and never took the chance of going back. I love it here, anyway. This is more transcendent. All I need is nuts and berries. I’m every plant and rock and the spaces in between.

“Did you find the clues in the skin-zines? I was careful not to give it away to a stalker by making it a little too subtle for him. I was worried he’d still get it. I guess James didn’t figure it out, because I haven’t seen him searching the woods. Thank you so for finding me! Let me give you hugs.”

She comes up to the bottom of our breastbones. She had to reach up high like a child. Her hugs include holding the back of the skull with the left hand, and the sacrum with the right hand, while breathing in reverse synchronization. During those hugs, she whispered into our ears, “I love you.” We feel her writing is inspired on many levels.

We recommend this case be left private in order to protect her reputation. We have each offered to let her stay in our houses without rent until she recovers she financial security. She is considering doing so at Officer Moody’s abode. {I believe she would do better at my house as it has a larger yard. — Terrance}

James Noteworthy was found to be a rogue undercover FBI agent who had earlier been assigned to watch her for a limited amount of time because of brief involvement with PETA in which she posed nude with an owl.

He was questioned extensively, but he did not assault or threaten Ms. Jazley, and his hobby of buying up of all the issues was not illegal and paid for with inherited money, so he remains on duty. However, he was sited for hacking into our computers to obtain her clue-text and will be sent in for psychological testing and rehabilitation.

He said he wanted to help her with enhanced self-expression, though she has never shown any interest in literature. He has also secretly submitted drawings of hers which he had scanned: graceful sketches of magnetic polarity in a variety of animals, with text scribbled across it including pluses and minuses, and either paint or blood splotches.

Five of these were published in the Dame Lion Review last year. Testing to determine if the material is blood or red paint was not considered important enough for the expense. We are not qualified to determine if she has any talent as an artist. — Officers Moody and Terrance.

Excerpt from Review of Dame Lion, June 2. “Bee-keeper Arnett Jazley’s images are her first art publication. I find their naive science compelling, in a style similar to Henri Rousseau’s work or the drawings of Peter Beard, yet they seem to be repressed expressions of fear of the animalistic body. But more invigorating are the detailed jungle paintings by seasoned painter Japhet Andalous. They boldly portray female nudity in transgressive manner that is both refreshing and disturbing.– Jane Curtel

Jane Curtel

Case is now closed. January 2014